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Contemporary Floor Vases

Contemporary home decor is a challenging style to define. In essence, contemporary design can be defined by furniture and spaces with clean lines and neutral colors as well as accessories and items that reflect current design trends, colors, textures and fabrics. Contemporary designs are considered new and modern only because of the ability to combine styles together, based upon current trends in design and materials. Contemporary floor vases easily replicate those same design trends, colors and textures, while still displaying the clean lines shapes that define contemporary style.

A truly contemporary design is never actually finished, as it is constantly evolving through modern enhancements to the accessories and accents placed within its space. The basics of the contemporary style may begin with muted tones and clean lines, but the style comes alive when bold, eclectic or trendy elements are placed within the space. Contemporary floor vases encompass this same style as they remain true to traditional lines and shapes, but utilize bold colors, patterns and the newest materials available.

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Palm Leaf Decorative Vase PoliVaz Bronze Foil Decorative Vase, Large Natural Stoneware Decorative Vase
Palm Leaf Decorative Vase, Medium
Today's Price: $110.00
Sale Price: $74.99
Bronze Foil Large Trumpet Floor Vase
Today's Price: $98.99
Sale Price: $74.99
Whitewash Decorative Vase PoliVaz Red Bamboo Decorative Vase, Medium Natural Stoneware Decorative Vase
PoliVaz Embossed Bronze Decorative Vase, Large PoliVaz Desert Palm Decorative Vase Black Trumpet Floor Vase
PoliVaz Desert Palm Decorative Vase
Today's Price: $151.99
Sale Price: $104.99
Black Trumpet Vase
Regular Price: $105.99
PoliVaz Red Bamboo Decorative Vase, Large Natural Stoneware Decorative Vase Clayworks Decorative Vase Flute
Clayworks Decorative Vase, Jug
Today's Price: $129.99
Venetian Decorative Vase Whitewash Decorative Vase Clayworks Decorative Vase Flute
Venetian Floor Vase, Medium
Today's Price: $129.99
Whitewash Floor Vase, Medium
Today's Price: $134.99
Clayworks Decorative Vase, Flute
Today's Price: $138.99

The beauty of contemporary design can be seen in accessories and accents like floor vases, wall art, throws, rugs and pillows. Contemporary floor vases combine traditional shapes and elements with bright colors, textures or new materials. These combinations of "old" and "new" create impressive and memorable pieces of art within any space. Many decorators understand the value of a well-placed contemporary floor vase, and its ability to take an otherwise understated room design and brings it into a modern, new feeling that still radiates familiarity. It is this eclectic ability of contemporary design that appeals to people, making it an easy choice when defining a living or other space.

Since contemporary design is fluid its colors, patterns and materials change regularly, depending on design trends and discoveries. Elements of all design styles, such as modern, traditional or classic have all been, at one time, part of contemporary design. Contemporary vases can especially take advantage of the style's ability to evolve through the use of trendy colors and patterns applied to traditional shapes. These accents can impress further by creating the contemporary floor vase from materials that reflect the ingenuity of the time.

While many design styles have definitive rules as to how to categorize their look and feel, contemporary design is all about change and creating new looks from the familiar. Contemporary floor vases help bring a contemporary interior design together by utilizing clean and traditional lines and combining them with new colors, patterns and the modern materials.

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